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Our Programs


Our Teacher/Child Ratio is 1:8. This age group is looking for more independence and getting geared up for school, and they will learn many of the skills and routines that allow them to make that transition easy and smooth. They are social and make life long friends at this stage. We have the perfect developmental toys, games and activities for this eager and energetic group.


Our Teacher/Child Ratio is 1:3. We have bright and cheerful infant rooms with age appropriate toys and surfaces to play with in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. We ensure that each of them have the attention and cuddles little ones need so much, as well as a clean and safe area just for them to explore. Our infant capacity ranges from 6 - 10 children, depending on the location.


Our Teacher/Child Ratio is 1:5. This group is busy and loves to learn through play. We have just the space and activities to entertain this fast growing group. Nap time in the afternoon leaves them energized for more. Come see how much fun your toddler will have here.




Our Teacher Child Ratio is 1:10. This social group really enjoy each others company and find our center a great place to unwind from schools busy schedule. We enjoy group activities and imaginative play and look forward to hearing about their day. School transportation is available at most locations. 

School Age

Our School age ratio is 1:15. This group can kick back and relax or socialize with others their age. They have their own space away from the little ones and can really unwind from a full day of school. They can feel safe and secure with friends they know. 

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