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Parent Testimonials -
Helping Hands Daycare Brooklin

"Cannot say enough good things about Helping Hands Daycare and have recommended them to any mom in the area who asks. As a first time mom, going back to work and sending my daughter to daycare was an emotional and anxious time. It was made so much better by the staff at Helping Hands - Brooklin. They were all so welcoming and so helpful with the transition. The app the centre uses, HiMama, has been the biggest peace of mind provider with updates on everything from her diapers, food she ate, nap length, to the happy little photos we get through the day. You can tell they care about every kid coming in, and my daughter loves going there (she drags her backpack to the door all weekend hoping to leave for daycare). Definitely check them out."

- Elisabeth M

"I was first very hesitant and nervous about sending my 2 kids (ages 1 and 3) to daycare but once I went on a tour and met Brenda the Supervisor at HHDC in Brooklin, I instantly knew my kids would be in amazing hands! Brenda and the staff show the upmost care, kindness, support, patience and compassion for my kids. The staff are extremely friendly, welcoming and inclusive. Our kids love their teachers! Everyone always has a smile on their face and I love that! It brings me so much joy and reassurance to see the excitement in my kids eyes when I drop them off. Thank you HHDC in Brooklin for the phenomenal work that you all do!!!!!"


- Bic F

"We have had our 15 month old daughter at Helping Hands Daycare Brooklin for 3 months now and it has been wonderful. The staff are all very friendly and open to our questions and needs. They were very patient when our daughter was new and had some anxiety with separation, and she adjusted quickly and loves going everyday. They use an app called HiMama that allows the parents to get updates through the day and photos/videos of what our daughter is doing that that day, which is an awesome thing for parents who are sending their kids away to daycare for the first time. Friends or grandparents or whoever can also get the app and be added to see pictures or updates (this can be set for how much they get to see). Specifically during this pandemic, they have been very professional and transparent with the ongoing changes that have been imposed on daycare and schools. It hasn't been easy I'm sure for the teachers/helpers to adjust and work in the current environment, but they have adapted as best they can and provided a fantastic environment for the kids regardless. I would highly recommend any parent in the area looking for a daycare to consider them, as their staff and care are excellent, and their pricing is quite competitive."

- Kyle W

"My daughter is in her first week of daycare at Helping Hands in Brooklin and so far it has been amazing. Prior to this, I’ve been communicating with Brenda and she is so very informative, helpful and reassuring. They really go out of their way to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. I also love the updates they provide through the HiMama app! They are very diligent with updating throughout the day whether it be play time photos, meals, mood, diaper changes etc. Choosing a daycare for your child is one of the most stressful things to do as a new parent, but the staff so far at Helping Hands have made this so much easier for all! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for our family at this daycare :)"

- Samantha C

"This daycare is amazing. The staff are exceptional at what they do. I called and spoke to Brenda just to inquire and she was so pleasant over the phone. She gave me all the info I needed and I had told her my son was having separation anxiety ever since covid lockdown took place in March 2019. She reassured me they would be able to handle the situation and I was very pleased with how they attended to my son every drop off. He cried at drop offs and Brenda would spend time with him to calm him and even waited with him outside while I drove off. It made it easier on myself to leave knowing his needs were met. Donna and Hayley had been great with responding to my messages and sending updates right after drop offs, which helped. Thank you so much Brenda, Hayley and Donna! You guys are amazing!"

- Geetha J

"Thanks to the Helping Hand Daycare Brooklin and Toddler 2 Staff for a job well done with providing care for my son. He is well taken care of and is learning so much every day. I appreciate all of the support and service that this team provides to the community. Thank you!"

- Sakshi D

"Wonderful daycare. They treat parents and children like family. Thank you for all your love and support over the years caring for my daughter ❤️"


- Holly F

"I've had two of my children attend Helping Hands, I was apprehensive to send my kids to daycare/preschool after having them home with me for so long but the transition was easy and seamless. Both children adapted quickly and loved going, even asking to attend on days they we'rent scheduled. The staff are attentive and caring. I couldn't ask for a better experience. I can't say enough positive things about Helping Hands Brooklin."


- Liz M

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