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Helping Hands Daycare is proud to offer Wholesome Kids Catering, providing nutritious hot meals and snacks to each of our 9 centres. 

With Wholesome Kids Catering, your child will have a healthy body and healthy mind:

  • All of our menus and snacks are prepared in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and CCEYA. We are following guidelines set out by ODPH (Ontario Dietitians and Public Health). We actively manage the sugar, sodium and saturated fats in our meals and snacks to keep them low and keep food healthy.

  • All menus are prepared by a talented and qualified team, including Red Seal Chefs and a Registered Dietitian, to ensure each menu is full of variety, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sustainable protein and local foods.

  • We believe that offering a variety of different foods is the best way to ensure a child is receiving a variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep their growing body strong and healthy. We work to combine fresh, local, organic and delicious food combinations from each food group that kids will enjoy.

  • We provide food transparency to our customers and have outlined our core elements that are found on every menu:

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