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Parent Testimonials -
Helping Hands Daycare Pickering

"We interviewed with 15 (FIFTEEN) childcare centres and Montessori's. We made the decision to go with HHDC Pickering and couldn't be more happier! Our daughter has been there since March 2018 and we are thrilled with her progress and we truly believe that Jenn and the staff there have been instrumental in her growth."

- Stephen M


"Our daughter loves attending Helping Hands Daycare. They are extremely organized, professional and incredibly warm towards our daughter and us (her parents). They use modern progress reporting through a smart phone app where we can look into how what our daughter is doing, feeling and what she has eaten on any given day. Also, through CVOID-19 they have put safety and process together to ensure we can continue to have confidence in HHD and their commitment to stoping the spread of COVID-19. We fully recommend HHD. Thank you!"


- Stef F

The staff at HHDC in Pickering are wonderful. They are dedicated and genuinely caring. They are communicative and very respectful of our needs (and our daughters) and questions. We've been so happy with our daughter's progress and more importantly, she loves being there.


- Ben B

Helping Hands has been very good to our family. We chose this location after moving from the Rougemount Helping Hands location (simply due to it being closer to home). Both centres use the Himama app which gives you a sense of how your child is doing throughout the day. This specific location has been tremendous in making my husband and I feel comfortable placing our child in daycare during the pandemic. They take the health measures very seriously and seem to follow the guidelines very well. Placing my toddler into daycare has increased my toddler's independence and coordination in just 1 month with Helping Hands. I appreciate that the girls communicate regularly with me back and forth in the HiMama app no matter how many times I send a message, they always respond! Jenn the Director is very friendly as well and is doing a great job running that place! Thank you Helping Hands for keeping our little one as safe as possible!


- Shereen G

"I've had a great experience with Helping Hands. The staff here really treat your child like their own. They are on top with communication and the fact that they use himama (an app) sets them apart from others. They are also diligent when it comes to watching out for dietary restrictions for your child (if applicable). They are also huge advocates of multiculturalism and diversity and promote all cultures which makes our experience even better!"

- Momina Z

"My family has been going to Helping Hands Daycare since 2010, originally I was referred by a family friend. Right away I felt comfortable and at ease that my 1yr old daughter and 7yr old son were attending. Jen the manager/coordinator is very easy and welcoming to communicate with, she is a very honest and considerate person. Jen’s staff is also amazing and are really attentive to all the kids. This daycare is one of the best in Pickering and would recommend to anyone that is uneasy about daycares, they will make every effort to make you feel comfortable."

- Sheivonne T

"Couldn't say more good things about this centre. All 3 littles have attended. Great food, learning, patience, activities. Love love Love. Thank you for all you do Helping Hands Pickering!"

- Samantha M

Our family cannot express how much we appreciate HHDC. The staff are generous with the love and care they show to our son and he has grown so much in their care over the past 2 years. I feel confident that my son is happy and healthy in the hands of HHDC staff: learning, playing, eating and sleeping. Thank you for all you do!


- Kelly A

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