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I have been a member of the Helping Hands family since we opened in 1989, starting as a child in the daycare.  I returned years later and have been a staff member since 2004.

Cheryl is the Supervisor of out Whitby locations. As a mom of 2 and many years with Helping Hands, Cheryl brings a wealth of experience  with  her RECE as well as her OCT.


I really enjoy interacting with the children and families in our care each and every day.  It makes me smile watching them learn new things and reach new milestones! 

Parent Testimonials


To All the Staff At Helping Hands,
As Im sure most of you are aware, my childs last day will be Friday November 9th.  Since I am unable to say goodbye to all of you in person, I wanted to express how much I that all of you in so many ways.  My daughter started at Helping Hands September2011.  Before she was enrolled at this location, she had already gone to a home daycare and a Montessori school.  Since my daughter has been at Helping hands she has learned to draw, paste, paint, read, cut, socialize, listen, teach, communicate, and most of all grow to be the smart little girl she is today.  I, as a parents, would love to take credit, but I give most of the credit to each and every one of you.
I cant thank you enough for all you have done for my family!
I will be sure to let you know how my daughter is doing at her new daycare, Helping Hands in Pickering. 
We are going to miss you!

Having used Helping Hands Whitby as my primary child care provider since it opened its doors in Sept 2011, I cannot think of a better, more positive place for my children to spend their days.  On a daily basis Cheryl and all her staff provide a superior level of child care. The facility is spotless, the meals are nutritious and appetizing even to very picky eaters, and when one walks through the doors they will instantly hear the sound of children laughing and playing - the true measure of a childs happiness.  Through daily lessons, field trips and activities all the staff at Helping Hands teach more than just the ABC's and 123's.  They educate in things like compassion for others, community awareness, healthy lifestyle habits and self-confidence.  The friendships my children are forging at Helping Hands with both their peers and the staff are heartwarming and real, as is evident by the excitement in their eyes when they race towards the door each morning.  It doesn't take much to hang a sign outside four walls and call it "daycare", but it takes a special calling and  love of the job of childcare to call it a home.  Helping Hands Whitby is just that - a home away from home - that truly offers both parents and children a Helping Hand.

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